Why WORLD WAR Z Doesn’t Matter. And Why That’s So Great.

Posted: June 24, 2013 by barberjo in Uncategorized
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Anybody that’s ever spent any time with the Four Hands knows that we have a thing for zombies. Old widows love cats, we prefer the undead. And on a good day, we love a good metaphor. That’s one of the reasons we’re such big fans of Romero’s seminal DAWN OF THE DEAD, which is chocked full of meaning. And brain eating zombies. But mostly meaning.

WORLD WAR Z, on the other hand, has no such meaning. There’s not a big metaphor about commercialism or the prevalence of technology here. There’s no moral. And that, dear readers, may be the thing I liked best about it.

I had a great talk with my 14 year old this weekend. He’s of that magical age where his taste is better than yours, and if you don’t believe me, just ask him. He understands film at a level you can only dream about. And those movies he liked a few years ago? Well, he just wasn’t as mature back then. He clearly sees that they weren’t worth it. Anyway, his old man took him to see WWZ and afterward, we had a talk about how some movies (let’s not use “films” here) are to be taken at face value. There’s nothing beyond the two hours of intense zombie action. And that’s ok. A great popcorn movie is still a great movie. Now, the 14 year old disagreed with me. Because he’s 14. I would have said the same thing, probably, twenty years ago.

All that to say that WWZ was totally, completely, rad. You know how movie reviews always say things like, “it’s an edge-of-your-seat thriller!”? Well, I caught myself literally on the edge of my seat. The movie is just like one of the zombies in it. It’s full-tilt, smash your face into the wall, nonstop action. And I liked every minute.

WWZ zombies aren’t your George Romero types. They don’t lumber. They run. Hard. And they don’t stop… just like the movie.

One other thing I loved about WWZ was that it was PG-13. Usually, I’m a fan of the blood and guts and sinews and brains and whatever. But it was actually kind of refreshing that all of that was absent. That zombies looked cool, but there was not gratuitous munching of flesh. And that worked for me.

Also, Brad Pitt is awesome. And Mirielle Enos, so great in “The Killing,” was great in this, although we don’t get enough of her. There’s not really anyone else in this for any length of time – don’t get too attached to any characters, fyi. It’s Pitt’s movie.

WORLD WAR Z gets nine airplane grenades out of ten. I want it on Blu-Ray. And I want some more popcorn. Welcome back, Hands.

  1. Kiki Malone says:

    I was thinking Pitt jumped on with this project so he could do some of his political preaching. International relations and what-stuff. Is that not the case?

    I also read that the film-makers studied insect movements – particularly the way ants build bridges and ladders with their bodies – to give these zombies a fresh, new way of moving. Sounds good. Looking forward to seeing it tomorrow afternoon.

  2. kmriady says:

    I can totally believe the ant-thing, if the trailer alone is to be judged. I’ll probably end up seeing this with Sharif; he’s read the book, he’s aware the movie is not at all the book, but he still wants to see it and I’m growing curious of this THE KILLING lady. But zombies with no gore? What has the world come to?

  3. barberjo says:

    I saw no politics here. Maybe I missed it, but usually that stuff is heavy handed and I didn’t see it at all. I totally see the insect thing, though.

  4. myleswerntz says:

    Saw it this weekend. So much to say that I may have to make this my first one out.

  5. Bo says:

    SO glad you guys are back. I’m planning to see WWZ on Friday night. And, on Saturday, possibly This Is The End (so, you know, a review of that one from you guys would be nice…)

    Is it too soon to be making requests?

    If not, I’d like your thoughts on Mama, too.

  6. kmriady says:

    Myles saw THIS IS THE END, didn’t you, Myles? I’ve been wanting to hear his thoughts on it, as well.

  7. Janna says:

    Sam is best portrayed with that scene from “That thing You do” where the guy walks off all mad and someone says “there he goes, alone with his principals.” I’m so glad you have the patience to endure his rants and still take him along with you for fun Dad time. You’re the best!

    As for fast moving zombies, sorry, I just can’t do it. Too scary for me.

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