PITCH PERFECT Threepeat or Where I Try To Fuse “Acca” With Too Many Words

Posted: June 25, 2013 by kmriad in Film Reviews, Uncategorized

Three times in two days.  THREE TIMES! 

I watched PITCH PERFECT three times this weekend.  I feel like Mr. Rooney (NIIIINE TIIIMES!)  Anyway, the triple-view was necessary because the first watch, I missed the beginning (seven whole minutes, but still) and the second watch, I caught only the end so the third was a requirement, a commitment, really, to watching the movie in its entirety.   Again.  And with every watch, I still laughed at the same bits just as hard as the first and second times (Acca-scuse me?)  So,…why?

Why did a movie that essentially rode the coattails of GLEE while simultaneously bagging on GLEE (see Riff-off category “Songs Glee Ruined”) entertain me so wholeheartedly, so many times?  Because it’s entertaining.  Anna Kendrick can act, even when she’s doing her best Kristen Stewart hardcore hipster chick shtick.  And she can sing!  And play with cups!  The funny parts were funny and the musical parts were fun and Elizabeth Banks with John Michael Higgins (“The Sockapellas, everyone – proving that for some, it does not get better” – Acca-awesome) made me long for a BEST OF SHOW 2 starring the both of them.

I also need background noise while I write (Stephen King would be so disappointed in me) and I was trying to knock out this book four, so something that I was now painfully, quickly familiar with offered the white noise without too much distraction.

So the conclusion after my weekend-long binge of mouth instrument entertainment?  I want more Anna Kendrick.  And Anna Camp.  And Brittany Snow.  And Rebel Wilson, though I think we’ll get more of her and Anna 1 without any further requests; both shined bright in this flick.  So yeah, a year-late review of a movie already lauded.  Acca-deal with it.

I kinda feel like I should add some “It’s great to be back!” line here.  It is, I’m excited about this, I missed this, but this is about as girly as I’ll get about it.

  1. Kiki Malone says:

    PITCH PERFECT was the rare film that got overly hyped to me but still surpassed all its press. Loved this movie. The Kelly Clarkson cover sold the entire DVD package to me. And, you’re right, this will be my background movie.

    OOOO! That’s a good category of movies:

    Top 5 Background Movies
    1. Terminator 2
    2. Pineapple Express
    3. Anchorman
    4. Mean Girls
    5. (and now) Pitch Perfect

  2. The girl says:

    I’ve tried commenting twice now and it hasn’t wanted to take so…testing…

    • Kiki Malone says:

      Didn’t you try from your phone? What were you other comments? I’m all curious now!

      • kmriad says:

        I tried phone, computer, iPad and now I’m trying phone again. Okay, my background movies would be 1. Tangled, 2. Labyrinth, 3. Gattaca, 4. The Chronicles of Riddick, 5. Sherlock Holmes

      • Kiki Malone says:

        When you say THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK, do you mean PITCH BLACK or the actual sequel titled THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK? My wife looooovvvvves those flicks.

        I still haven’t seen TANGLED.

      • kmriad says:

        I prefer the sequel to PITCH BLACK because it has a more fantasy feel – your wide has good taste! And you should see TANGLED, it’s cute and clever.

      • kmriad says:

        That should have been wife, the d is right next to the f and I apparently have fat fingertips.

  3. John Barber says:

    Hmm… background movies. I’m much more of a background tv guy, I think. But there’s no way I could do real writing with something on. I’ve gotta seclude myself for that. But here’s my tv show list:

    1. Law and Order (any of them)
    2. Top Shot
    3. Chopped
    4. Star Trek TNG
    5. The X-Files

    • Kiki Malone says:

      I like background movies when I’m doing chores, walking the house to and fro, ironing my shirts, folding laundry, drip drying from the shower. I could watch PINEAPPLE EXPRESS and MEAN GIRLS a million times out of the corner of my eye.

  4. i love love LOVE pitch perfect. i’ve seen it at least 10 times and just bought it to watch whenever the hell i want. aca-mazing.

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