Gratuitous Collection Update : Vol. 1

Posted: July 1, 2013 by Kiki Malone in Film Reviews, Kiki Malone
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My favorite local used video store had a sale today. And I had a stack of “never-gonna-watch” discs to trade. I came out with a nice set. Here’s the new additions:

  • ALIENS – (I’ve got the first and now the sequel. Done. That’s all the ALIEN anyone really needs.)
  • AUSTIN POWERS : GOLDMEMBER (Only need the first to complete the trilogy – and I haven’t seen any of these yet)
  • BLAZING SADDLES : 30TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL EDITION (Saw parts of this when I was a young, humorless lad. Didn’t get the satire. Looking forward to giving it another shot.)
  • RUSHMORE (Hope to eventually score this on Criterion. In the meantime, I’m very happy about this. Searched longer than I care to admit for a cheap copy.)
  • SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE (There’s a Nora Ephron commentary track on this that I’m chomping at the bits to experience. She’s up there with John Hughes sometimes for me.)
  • WEIRD SCIENCE : FLASHBACK EDITION (Speaking of John Hughes . . . )
  • XXX (For the wife. She loves Vin Diesel. And she loves bang-bang-shoot-me-ups. And, I can’t lie, these flicks are crazy fun sometimes.)

I also expanded my VHS library this morning at Half-Price Books by three titles:

  • CARROTBLANCA (The Looney Tunes parody of CASABLANCA, which is a timely addition to the collection after yesterday’s viewing of the Bogart-Bergman original. Blew my mind, man.)

The library grows!

– kiki

  1. John Barber says:

    Fun fact: RUSHMORE was the very first DVD I ever owned. It’s a classic.

    • Kiki Malone says:

      My first DVD was THE SIMPSONS Season 4 and 5. I registered for them when we got engaged. Received multiple copies at our pre-wedding showers. We watched loads of Homer and Marge when we were first married. This is possibly the secret to our marital success.

  2. the Girl says:

    gods, I can’t remember the first dvd I owned…now I’m going to be obsessed trying to remember. WEIRD SCIENCE is awesome and I’ll watch any time it’s on.

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