Gratuitous Collection Update : Vol. 2

Posted: July 8, 2013 by Kiki Malone in Film Reviews, Kiki Malone


We visited the Half-Price Bookstore in Round Rock, Texas today because they had a big sale and you can take your dog inside. The Clearance Rack served me well. Also, I had a 50% coupon that scored me a pretty pretty major find. Here’s today’s load, all for less than $20:

  • AUSTIN POWERS (Now I’ve got the full trilogy, so I can finally partake in the legend I’ve missed out for so long),
  • BEWITCHED (Yes, this is one with Will Ferrell, which I’ve never seen and I hear is horrible. But I don’t care. Nora Ephron wrote and directed this, and you know I love the Nora Ephron. Plus, it was less than a dollar.)
  • A CHRISTMAS STORY (Myles and I recently discussed and agreed: July is the best time of year to stock-up on Christmas music. Kelly Clarkson, I’m sure, is recording a few Christmas numbers as I type this, and all the video stores have the great perennial classics marked down. Glad to finally have this one, especially since I don’t have cable.)
  • THE COLOR PURPLE (Picked this one up just for posterity sake.)
  • DENNIS THE MENACE (Yes, this is the one with Malter Mathau as Mr. Wilson. Written by John Hughes. I love very few people in film more than John Hughes. Maybe Amy Adams. Or Jessica Chastain. Or Chris Hemsworth, even with his shirt on. But there’s not many I like more than John Hughes.)
  • FOOTLOOSE (My wife loves this one. She also claims it’s a “travesty” that I have never seen it. Perhaps my remedy shall finally befall.)
  • MISS CONGENIALITY (We saw THE HEAT twice this weekend. Once with the Werntz family and then again with my dad for his b-day. THE HEAT is killer. Laugh out-loud and gut-busting and definitely some pee. And it made my wife nostalgic for funny Sandra Bullock. They didn’t have THE PROPOSAL on the Clearance Rack, but they had this one.)
  • MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3-D (Been waiting a long time for this one to hit one dollar. Passed it up dozens of times for two or three bucks. Patience is my virtue.)
  • PLANES, TRAINS AND AUTOMOBILES ( Written AND directed by John Hughes. Enough said.)
  • TWILIGHT : NEW MOON (We saw all these damn flicks in the theater. And my wife actually said that if I could find them all on Clearance, she’d like to have the collection and one day host a film fest. We’re two-of-five into making that dream come true.)

And, with my 50% coupon, I picked up the following:

  • UNDECLARED : THE COMPLETE SERIES (Judd Apatow’s post-FREAKS AND GEEKS project, starring Seth Rogen and Martin Starr and Jason Segal and Sam Levine and Fred Willard and Busy Phillips! My can attest to the fact that we have a FREAKS AND GEEKS Soundtrack framed in our living room. UNDECLARED just shot to the top of my must-see list.)

That is all. Geek on,

– kiki malone / gator / bullfighter / posthumously unhamsterian

  1. kmriad says:

    You forgot to include Charlie Hunnam in that UNDECLARED list, pre-Jax and beefed up SONS OF ANARCHY. My mom and I saw THE HEAT last Friday. We were the youngest folks there, which was weird, and we were the loudest laughers, which was expected with the rest of the crowd. That movie made my sides hurt. I give BEWITCHED a pass because I like Nicole Kidman.

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