Gratuitous Collection Update : Vol. 3 (A Beautiful Economy)

Posted: July 10, 2013 by Kiki Malone in Film Reviews, Kiki Malone
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I just texted Myles a wonderful quip that you may now used in your daily conversations and attribute to me. The text read (and I may be paraphrasing or revising here):

You know it’s a good economy when you can sell shit to one place so you can buy crap somewhere else.

Use that nugget, Hands. It’s yours.

Today I cleaned out my school office. Loaded up a bag of old grad school text books and paperback novels some English teacher keeps laying out on the “Free Stuff” table in the Humanities Department hallway. Took it all down to Half Price Books and grabbed $15 smackers for it. Spent that $15 immediately on three Clearance Rack DVDs:

  • TERMINATOR 3 : RISE OF THE MACHINE (Just trying to round out the trilogy.)
  • THE TALENTED MR. RIPLEY (Because my wife loves it and John just pimped the book from his vacation palace. Would like to give both – book and film – a little spin before end of summer.)
  • HOSTEL : 2-DISC DIRECTOR’S CUT (I might be the only person on earth who finds this film charming. It’s cute to see Roth at such an early, excitable stage in his directing. And I find it interesting, after creating the superior HOSTEL sequel, that he’s kinda disappeared as a director. Ironically, to assure ticket sells for HOSTEL, Lionsgate splashed Quentin Tarantino’s name across the poster – Quentin Tarantino Presents – and now Eli Roth’s name can also be seen on certain movie posters (THE LAST EXORCISM was the first film I noticed) offering the same boost for sells. The difference is that Taratino has continued to make films while Roth seems to have found his sweet spot in producing and making cameo appearances in the film’s he produces.)

With the Clearance shite out of the way, I picked up the actual prize I intended for my office spoils: Target’s blue graphic tee sporting the logo for Bluth Frozen Bananas, just like Myles purchased over the weekend on his visit. We’re Twinkers, if only in divided by county lines.

I like this economy. I like this notion of selling and trading the crap you’ve accumulated over time for more accumulated crap. One day I’ll get around to reading Thoreau again or Wendell Berry for the first time, and I might rest myself at simply getting rid of the crap. But I’m not there yet. I like libraries. And I like them in my home. Slimming them down to a more purposeful display of titles is half the fun of collection.

That is all,

– The Bull-fought Mr. Kiki

  1. The girl says:

    Was it on this trip you texted me about THE HEARTBREAK KID?

    • Kiki Malone says:

      Indeed. It was on the clearance rack at Half-Price, but I just couldn’t bring myself to believe it was worth even one dollar. Then you mentioned . . . . well, you know.

  2. barberjo says:

    Wait. Mentioned what?

  3. kmriad says:

    A very icky scene involving a jellyfish scene. The movie was typical Ben Stiller neurotic fodder up until then but after that it was just…gross.

  4. Kiki Malone says:

    I just picked up HEARTBREAK KID on DVD for 75 cents. We’ll give it a whirl and get your Hands a review.

  5. Latonya says:

    I think I’d also like to read The Talented Mr. Ripely before the summer is up. Do we have a copy yet?

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