Drunk History – Season 1 Episode 102 Review

Posted: July 16, 2013 by Kiki Malone in Kiki Malone, Television
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I think we can all agree here on two sobering truths:

  1. Jen Kirkman’s “Drunk History” retelling of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln’s friendship is one of the YouTube’s finest moments, as well as one of YouTube’s most solid defenses for existence;
  2. regardless, it’s tough to make a workable show from a premise that involves keeping the main star from puking on a cat, as happens in this first full episode of “Drunk History”.

No matter who the celebrity star or what the poison of the drunk storyteller, every audience will weigh every “Drunk History” skit to Jen Kirkman’s Douglass-Lincoln bit. That moment was just a rare gem amongst literal drunken stupors.

Regardless (again), I watched the first episode of the new “Drunk History” show on Comedy Central and I can only apologize to myself for watching it sober. The joke wore thin even before the opening credits ended. Still (kinda like a third regardless), I got a good laugh out of the first drunk storyteller angrily telling the camera crew they have no ambition because they refuse to eat cookies with him. The final bit – starting at 15:15 – about Elvis Presley (Jack Black) meeting Richard Nixon (Bob Odenkirk) was pretty great – mainly because that final guy was such a smooth drunk. He didn’t seem to be over playing it. The absinthe strapped him a fake baritone voice and he failed miserably at his jive turkey approach to deliver all the wrong details. Job could’ve used a guy like that to sit in the ashes and drink with for week or more.

The second episode of Drunk History airs tonight on Comedy Central. More than likely, just as I do with loads of shows I claim to not like (“Inside Amy Schumer” comes immediately to mind), I’ll still end up watching half a dozen episodes and then hating myself for it immediately. Why didn’t I just watch Metalocalypse instead?! More “Drunk History” to come!

  1. Tiffani P says:

    Curby and I just watched Jen K’s clip above. Hilarious. But I’ve been nervous all along that the drunk narrators were going to be trying too hard to be funny – which we all know is the least funny thing a drunk person can do. (p.s. I have a PhD, but I really really though it was “narrarator” not “narrator” – spell check just corrected me. just goes to show, there is always something to learn. LOL)

    • Kiki Malone says:

      Tiffani – Precisely! I think the beauty of the Jen Kirkman bit is that she just goes for it. She doesn’t try to be funny or recordable or iconic, and – in her lack of efforts – she became all those things. Sure, I’ll continue the check out the show, but the first episode felt a bit too forced. Even drunk, these guys played it up for the camera, and that’s when all the magic gets lost. More Jen Kirkman! Less Buffalo Wild Wings frat-tastic rude boys!

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