About the Hands

We are geeks and we are friends. Alumni of a southern river education. Three boys. One girl. We four share daily quips about movies, TV, music, books, and what-not. Not so long ago, we hosted a website dedicated to film reviews. Roger Ebert loved us. His wife, Chaz, knitted us mittens shaped like popcorn bags. Adorable! But we were young back then. What did we know? So the site, like all great pterodactyls, flew the evolutionary coop. Bill Simmons, in dire need of something to fill our void, created Grantland.com. It’s a failure, but it’s a cute testament to our former web presence and prowess. Over our quiet years, we Hands have grown – Kiki, for one, has put on twelve pounds – and our collective appreciation of American culture continues to wow even ourselves. Subsequently, we feel great need, again, to share openly our quips, to produce the honey our fans have buzzed about endlessly. So we return. Thank you for bookmarking and Tweeting and Facetubing our site to your friends you wish quipped with you this way. And bless you for braving our terrains.

This site is in loving memory of Pamela Voorhees.

  1. kmriady says:

    “You only WISH your friends quipped this way!” will be my new comeback to any argument.

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